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Local News Article

"What specific aspect does the Local News Article target?"


“To get started, all we need from you are the essential details of your local business: your name, address, and phone number (NAP), along with the content you wish to publish. The more insights we have about your business, the better equipped we are to boost your local presence. Discover the myriad ways in which our Local News Article service can elevate your business by reaching out to our dedicated sales team today!”


"How does Link2Gains Local News Publishing service benefit local businesses?"

"Unlock a multitude of advantages with our Local News Publishing service. By distributing your news article locally, you'll experience a significant boost in your business's visibility, both online and offline. This translates to improved rankings on Google My Business, a bolstered business reputation, increased web traffic, and a surge in sales. What's more, you'll have the opportunity to claim a coveted spot in the Google Local Pack, securing a top-three ranking and unparalleled local visibility."

"What does Google Local Pack refer to?"

"Unlock the Power of the Google Local Pack – Elevate Your Local Presence The Google Local Pack, often referred to as the Google 3-Pack, represents Google's method of highlighting the three most prominent results on the local Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It harnesses the user's geographical location to deliver search outcomes tailored to their specific area. As an example, if a user in Toronto searches for 'Cafe near me,' the Google 3-Pack will prominently feature the top three cafes located in close proximity to the user's exact whereabouts."

Do I need a Google My Business account?

"Yes, having a Google My Business (GMB) account is absolutely crucial for establishing a strong local presence for your business. To maximize its effectiveness, be sure to complete the verification process by confirming your company's address on Google My Business. This will enable you to connect your Google account with your business location and provide all the essential information about your enterprise in Google My Business."

Should the information I submit match the details in my Google My Business profile?

""Absolutely! Prior to submitting your profile information (including NAP, business details, etc.) for our Local News Publishing services, it's essential to validate and enhance your Google My Business profile. This step ensures precision and optimizes the advantages derived from our service."

Blockchain News Article

“Does the distribution of my news article exclusively target business and financial news outlets?”

“No, we don’t. We firmly believe in the importance of targeting, broadening, and disseminating blockchain and cryptocurrency news to a broader audience to maximize brand visibility. Additionally, we ensure that your news article receives optimal exposure within the blockchain community through publication on top-tier blockchain websites.”

“Why should I consider a news article distribution service for my blockchain or cryptocurrency project?”

“With Blockchain News Articles, we streamline your marketing efforts, saving you time and resources to redirect towards more critical tasks. Our service guarantees maximum exposure, visibility, and credibility by publishing your news articles on top-tier, reputable blockchain websites. Let us amplify your brand awareness while you concentrate on your project’s core objectives.”

“Where will my blockchain news article be published?”

“We collaborate with an extensive network of over 500 leading news outlets, encompassing a wide array of industries beyond just cryptocurrency and blockchain. Furthermore, your blockchain news articles will enjoy enhanced visibility within the blockchain community by being featured on top-tier blockchain websites. Our dedicated sales representatives will expertly recommend the ideal outlets based on your target audience, specific requirements, and budgetary considerations.”

“What types of blockchain-related content or topics are accepted?”

“We eagerly embrace news spanning various facets of the cryptocurrency, trading, exchanges, and blockchain domains, with a particular focus on updates directly related to the entity or project in question. This includes launches, initial coin offerings (ICOs), initial exchange offerings (IEOs), security token offerings, and all other noteworthy updates or expansions within the blockchain sphere. It’s important to note that we refrain from accepting promotional content, predictions, commentaries, and third-party speculations in blockchain news articles. Our extensive syndication network prioritizes news-centric entries, adhering to stringent journalistic standards.”

Market Research New Article

“How does the Market Research Press Release plan differ from the Basic Plan?”

“In our Basic Plans, we provide a set number of news articles and distribution primarily for general publishing purposes. However, if you intend to publish multiple news articles, especially for market research reports, you may find our custom plan to be a more cost-effective option compared to our Basic Plans.”

Video News Article

“How many videos can I include in a news article?”

“You can embed only one video in your news article. This limitation is designed to maintain the focused and concise nature of a news article, which serves as a news announcement for a specific event or product. Having multiple videos could dilute the impact and clarity of your news publishing.”

“Do you support video files from sources other than YouTube and Vimeo?”

“At this time, we exclusively accept videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo.”

“Is there a maximum duration or file size for the videos I can include in my news article?”

“We provide flexibility when it comes to video duration and file size. There are no restrictions in these aspects since you only need to embed your video using a URL.”

Writing Service

“Tell me about your team of writers.”

“Rest assured, your news articles are in expert hands. Our team of news article writers consists of native english writers, each boasting over a decade of experience across various niches within the news publishing industry.”

“How quickly can I expect my news article to be completed?”

“The completion time for your news article may vary depending on the complexity of the topic and niche. However, in most cases, you can expect your news articles to be finished within 72 hours.”

“What should I anticipate from Link2Gains’ writing services?”

“Certainly, the quality and suitability of news articles crafted by our native US writers may vary depending on the niche and specific client needs. However, our unwavering commitment is to deliver high-quality news articles that have a significant impact. With our writers boasting over a decade of industry experience, we ensure that each news articles aligns perfectly with your niche and target publications.”

What if I am not satisfied with the writing?

“While it’s a rare occurrence due to our team of exceptional writers crafting outstanding content from your pitch, we understand that perfection is the goal. If you find yourself less than satisfied with your written news article, rest assured you can request up to 2 news article revisions to ensure your content meets your expectations.”

“What is the process for obtaining news article writing services?”

“Obtaining our news article writing services is a breeze. Simply purchase news article writing credits through your dashboard, provide us with the details of your product or announcement by filling out our order form, and let our expert team of news article writers work their magic to create a compelling news article for your brand in a timely manner.”

“I’m in need of rapid news article writing and distribution services. Can you accommodate quick turnaround times for my news article?”

“Crafting a compelling news article does require time and expertise. At Link2Gain, we offer an efficient solution to expedite the process. Simply purchase your writing credits, place your news article order, and our experienced team of writers will promptly begin composing your release, ensuring a swift turnaround for your publication needs.”

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