Getting Started

Basic Plan

"I'm feeling a bit uncertain. Can you assist me in determining the most suitable news publishing distribution plan for my needs?"

“If you’re unsure about your exact requirements and need a versatile news article distribution service, explore our Basic Plans. We provide a range of distribution levels and quantities to accommodate various needs. However, if you have specific quantity or niche preferences in mind, don’t hesitate to explore our other specialized products.”

"Which Basic Plan is the best choice for beginners?"

“Select the news publishing plan that aligns with your requirements and financial considerations. While all our plans, including the Professional Plan, ensure your news reaches search engines and financial media outlets, for those seeking maximum brand visibility and extensive media coverage, we strongly advise choosing our Director Plan. This plan will extend your reach to top-tier news websites, including but not limited to Yahoo! News, Benzinga, APNews, MarketWatch, StreetInsider, AsiaOne, and a network of over 500 sites!”

"What does news publising consultation, as mentioned in your pricing plans, entail?"

“Experience an in-depth consultation with our seasoned sales representatives before your news article goes live. With over a decade of industry expertise, our dedicated sales professionals will guide you to maximize your brand’s exposure and reach.”

"Am I able to incorporate images, videos, and audio elements into my news article?"

“Yes, you absolutely can incorporate images, videos, and sound into your news articles. At Link2Gain, we recognize the importance of catering to diverse audience preferences by allowing you to include various multimedia elements in your news articles.”

"Is there an additional fee for incorporating images, videos, and audio into my news articles?"

“No, there are no extra charges for including these elements. You can include one image per news article at no additional cost. If you’re interested in embedding videos in Video news articles, please contact our sales representative for more details on potential charges.”

About Payment

"What payment methods are accepted?"

“We offer convenient payment options for your ease. You can securely pay with PayPal or use major credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa. If you prefer alternative payment methods, our dedicated sales representative will gladly assist you throughout the payment process.”

"Are foreign currencies accepted for payment?"

“Absolutely! We gladly accept payments in any currency. However, please be aware that the amount will be converted into U.S. dollars (USD; $) according to the plan you’ve chosen. It’s worth noting that international Visa or MasterCard credit cards enable you to make payments in USD, even if your account is denominated in a different currency.”

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