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My Account

I forgot the my account password. Can I still access my account?

Simply click on the ‘forgot my password’ button at the login page and we will have your password resetted by sending an email to your registered email address. We highly encourage that you sign in to your account using Google login or Facebook to ensure continued access to your account – worry free

How does Wordmiles work?

Celebrate your press release distribution milestones by getting extensive and exciting rewards. With the introduction of Wordmiles points, you can collect points to exchange boosters for your press releases and news distributions, making every press release you send taste even sweeter.

Team Management

What are the team roles you provide? What are their permissions?

It takes a team to run a successful press release campaign. Hence, we added 3 different roles to manage your news releases. Firstly, there are owners/admin who have full account access and the ability to assign editorial or managerial roles to other team members including to top up credits and purchase packages. Secondly, we have the managers who have access to managing editors, press release submissions, editing and writing order. Lastly, there are editors who have access to press release submissions, editing and writing order only

How many team members can I invite to my account? Can I get more seats for my account?

As the owner of the account, you can invite up to 4 members into your account comprising of 1 manager and 3 editors. However, if you wish add more seats to your account, do not hesitate to contact our sales representative. Here’s a tip, if you’ve been saving up wordmiles points, you can redeem them for an extra seat on your team.

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