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5. How to Maximize Backlinking SEO for Press Releases

Tried press releasing before but it didn’t work well despite the well-written press release? Maybe your press release should be garnering more publicity than it is getting, so what’s the problem? There’s a good chance that your press release lacks one thing and that’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – the propensity of being ranked and found on Google’s search engine.


Besides educating and informing your readers, you need to make sure your press release can be easily read and understood by people who don’t know about you. Your content is good so you’ve got to get it optimized for search engines.


Here are 5 quick tips for you to quickly implement and gain the wider audience you deserve:

6.1 Choose Your Keyword(s)

Two (2) main things you should keep in mind:

i. You need keywords people regularly search for.

You could use the free tool, Google Adwords, where you can key in what you think people search for and see if many people are searching for it. A high search volume is around 25,000 and above.

ii. Not many people are targeting the keywords.

Type your keywords into the Google search engine to see how many results you can find. These results indicate how competitive that keyword is, so if many websites have the targeted keywords in their site, it’s probably best to find something else, or you’ll have a hard time ranking it for your press release.

6.2 Use Keywords in Headline, Summary, and Your Content

After you have identified your keywords, include them in your press release. You should use the keywords throughout your entire press release deliberately without hindering the readability of your news. Sometimes, you could use synonymic phrases to substitute your keywords, as this helps Google with its Latent Semantic Indexing. For better clarification, check out our tips to write awesome press releases headlines with examples.

6.3 Anchor Text Backlinks

The primary purpose of having keywords is to use them as anchor text backlinks, which helps drive readers from the press release to your website, thereby creating additional traffic. Too many anchor links will get labeled as spam, so be careful how many backlinks you want per press release. It is advisable to include a maximum of 3 anchor links in a single press release.

6.4 Use Multimedia Variation

If the media outlets and news organizations allow it, we recommend incorporating images, video, file attachments, and audio into your content to keep viewers engaged and wanting more. MarketersMedia Newswire enables you to upload one (1) image, but you can embed videos into the press release if you think it helps bring more traffic to your site. So, you should optimize your multimedia, such as an image’s caption, ALT text, and description.

6.5 Maximize Press Release Distribution

MarketersMEDIA Newswire has press release distribution services more than 500 wide distribution networks to ascertain your press release can reach as many news outlets as possible. Not only do you have more people reading your press release, but it also allows readers to visit your site because of all the backlinks that you’ve seeded onto your press release. These anchor text links pointing to similarly optimized pages on your website are also crucial in raising the visibility of pages on your website within search engines.

SEO-friendly press releases should have these multiple elements to help you improve the reach of your press release while simultaneously positioning your site to rank at the top of SERPs. Take some time to optimize your press release, and you’ll see not only the increase in traffic to your site but a newfound publicity and brand presence like never before.

Now you know how to maximize backlinking SEO for press releases, but what about the frequency of publishing a press release?

5.6 Don't Boast, Be Modest

Being different doesn’t mean you should boast in your press. Writers often get carried away while passionately writing a press piece, turning a press release into a sales letter. It takes practice to stay on track consciously and avoid the fluffs, hype, and exaggeration. If your news sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So, tone it down and stick to the facts.


Don’t be afraid to share the news when your company reached a milestone, celebrated an anniversary, hired a new president, experienced significant growth, or received an award. If you would like to use “Absolutely Blow Your Mind!!” in your press release, it’s probably best to not integrate it, or your press would read like a sales letter and risk rejection from news outlets.

5.7 Leave Crumbs For Your Reader To Tail

Sometimes, you will come across captivating press releases that keep you wanting to read more. If your press release could already be as fascinating, you need to leverage it. Always directs readers to learn more about you or the news that you announce. Remember that anchor texts are essential, so make sure to provide links directly to the page on your website where readers can continue their learning process about your news and then act upon it. The whole point of a press release is to expose your brand to more people, get their attention, and finally perform your desired “call to action” – hook, line, and sinker.

5.8 Utliize Examples

No matter what your press release is covering, if you could, provide examples to further elaborate on the applicability of the points you want to deliver. Say your organization has recently released its latest laptop invention. You could exemplify how your organization uses the newest technology to solve the fast-draining battery issue like never before. Use examples to showcase what your brand can offer.

5.9 Concision, Clarity & Connection

Remember, a person has an average of 8 seconds of attention span, so don’t use any flowery language or detour from the main context. Abandon the exaggeration and unnecessary adjectives to keep it clear and concise because besides keeping your audience interested, you also have a word count of 300 – 800 to worry about. In writing a press release, saying less is more.

5.10 Proofread

Last but not least, read through your entire press release before you send it for submission. It is recommended to use tools for editing and refining like Microsoft Word or Google Doc to draft it out instead of writing directly inside MarketersMEDIA Newswire’s press release submission page. It is only natural that we are bound to make mistakes because no one is perfect, not even experienced professional journalists. We have an entire tutorial page dedicated to double-checking before submitting your press release, so be sure to check, check, check again before your submission.

If you are new to SEO, we recommend you read up on maximizing backlinking SEO for press releases to get the best results for your website.

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