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6. How Peter Went From $100/mo To $10,000/mo in 3 Months Reselling MarketersMEDIA Newswire Press Releases on Fiverr

Bonus Material: 67 Press Release Use Case Playbook

Do you want to achieve $10,000 sales per month? You can, with MarketersMEDIA Newswire.

Before Peter became a client of MarketersMEDIA Newswire, he was making less than $100 a month on online marketplaces like Fiverr and Legiit.

Sure he got customers, but they never stick, he never got around building any returning customer.

He was barely surviving.
He has zero returning customers.
He didn’t have his own branding.
His last press release service provider refused to work with him because he wasn’t putting in large orders.

6.1 Turning Point: MarketersMEDIA Newswire.

We did our usual cold prospecting and our message reached him. Now, a big part of our business comes from freelancers like Peter, so we know precisely what he needs, and what he can do to start profiting.

We cut him a deal for a bulk purchase of 50 First-Tier press releases. We lowered his cost by more than 100% compared to the price of his existing provider. This is definitely a game changer for him.

What’s more, his customers get a press release report with a massive number of media sites from us (white labelled), and also have the option to further upgrade their press releases on premium sites like APNews and MarketWatch.

We told him to sell high, for we know our distribution is strong and unique, he WILL get customers, and they will stick. He was a bit hesitant with putting up a price tag as high as $450, but he did.

Guess what? The customers who bought, loved it. They want more press releases from Peter.

In merely 3 months’ time, Peter sold out all his 50 First-Tier press releases.

He bought 50 more First-Tier press releases from us. And this time, all 50 press release credits are used up in a month. The rest is history.

He never missed a deadline to complete his order. We run a guaranteed press release approval period of 24 hours. That gave him a great advantage on an online marketplace as cut-throat as Fiverr that compelled prompt delivery.

The last time we checked-in on Peter, he was making $10,000+ sales per month.

The orders are coming in every day, he got busy, and he got a part-timer VA to help out now.

6.2 Hear It From Peter.

“Peter here, I agreed to provide this testimonial as long as my brand stays anonymous, it’s a cut-throat game out there on those online marketplaces so I don’t want my gigs getting affected.

But, what I can say is this – go big or go home.

Initially, I didn’t want to invest a big sum on a business that I might not get my money back, hence I had never talked about getting wholesale prices.

The guys over at MarketersMEDIA Newswire cut me a great deal, it’s crazy not to sign up, so I took the leap.

Their distribution is absolutely impressive! Lots of premium sites. Customers are loving it! It took some time, but I got more customers, and they returned again and again. It finally took off. I’m up $10,000+ revenues now selling on different platforms. I am glad I came across MarketersMEDIA Newswire, it’s life changing. Trust them, I did, and I never regretted it.”

MarketersMEDIA Newswire’s Unique Brand Contribution to Andy’s Success:
  1. Premium distribution to APNews, MarketWatch, Vertical News Network, and more.
  2. One of the largest distribution list in the market with 500+ media outlets
  3. Press release published on branded sites such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and more.
  4. Press release submitted processed in 24 hours
  5. Email and editorial support in 12 hours
  6. A large part of our client base is resellers and we have helped them to hit more than 5k sales every month

Bonus Material: 67 Press Release Use Case Playbook

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