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5. How Andy Went From Zero to $14,000 MRR in 3 Months By Sending Press Releases Through MarketersMEDIA Newswire

Bonus Material: 67 Press Release Use Case Playbook

Andy’s company is a SaaS company providing services in the SEO niche. They have great software, great people, but they just can’t get enough traffic to their app.

Our cold prospecting email reached them. After seeing some of our case studies, they got interested.

We have helped hundreds of SaaS companies like Andy’s in the past. We totally understand their challenges. So we advised them to start sending press releases regularly, announcing every milestone of their development. We even shared with them 63 events where they can take advantage to send a press release.

Their first press release, they chose the First-Tier circuit, which gets them on Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, APNews and 500+ more media outlets including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC station sites.

The following week after the press release was live, their traffic almost doubled.

Needless to say, when their press release was featured on household names like Yahoo! and MarketWatch, it gave them the needed credibility push. Andy and the team were ecstatic.

At the end of the quarter and after more press releases, they grew from zero to $14,000 MRR.

Andy’s Baremetrics account MRR screenshot, great work Andy!

5.1 Hear it from Andy

“MarketersMEDIA Newswire has a fantastic team with a fantastic product. They didn’t just take our money and let us send a crappy press release that they knew would have zero impact.

Our press release was rejected a few times cos we didn’t write properly, not in a way that news organizations would fancy. They gave us lots of information and examples to put us back on track. Eventually, we hired them to write instead.

But I’m glad we did that, my team and I were blown away when we got the draft. It’s miles better than what we had.

Then, they got our press release on MarketWatch and Yahoo, that’s big for a new and small-ish company like ours.

We’d never reach our target of $14,000+ MRR without them, these guys know what they’re doing. I highly recommend their service to anyone looking to grow their business.

If you still don’t use press releases and don’t know about MarketersMEDIA Newswire, you’re crazy.”

MarketersMEDIA Newswire’s Unique Brand Contribution to Andy’s Success:
  1. Helped Andy’s brand to reach premium household names like APNews and MarketWatch
  2. Helped Andy’s brand to be published on a massive list of premium sites like CW, FOX, CBS, NBC and more
  3. Impactful press release crafted by our team of press release veterans
  4. MarketersMEDIA Newswire understands Andy’s struggle and strived to make their press release effort the answer to their problem

Bonus Material: 67 Press Release Use Case Playbook

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