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4. How a Locksmith 4X Sales in 3 Months Sending Press Releases with MarketersMEDIA Newswire

Bonus Material: 67 Press Release Use Case Playbook

** This case study is for a locksmith business in Portland. Our client has given us permission to publish this case study but requires that their name and business details to be redacted from the case study due to competitive reasons.

To make this easier to follow, let’s call this locksmith business owner Barry.

Before Barry approached us, his website was already fully optimized for local SEO. He had already set up a GMB account and was also working on creating related content which had brought some pretty decent organic rankings for related search queries.

However, Barry’s business was still not appearing in the much-coveted Google Local 3-Packs.

That’s when he decided to focus on building NAP consistency using MarketersMEDIA Newswire’s press release. He signed up for our Retail Local SEO plan and started regularly distributing press releases with consistent mention of his business NAP (Name, Address, and Phone).

Now, we’re happy to share that after consistently sending press releases with us for 3 months, Barry finally got the results he wanted!

He ended up in the Google Local 3-Pack!

But that was not all.

Since landing on top of the Google Local 3-Packs, Barry got a huge increase in leads and inquiries, and of course, sales

The following month after Barry got into Google Local 3-Pack, his sales increased from $12,725 to $51,900, 4x what he did 3 months ago.

We last check with Barry, he is contemplating a few locations to open a new branch. Well, he got the press release NAP down, he got the ranking he needed, he could repeat again and again.

4.1 Hear it from Barry

“It was exciting to finally get into Google Local 3-Pack and it brought game changing results to my sales. It’s unbelievable to get there in like 3 months, with just 10 press releases.

Yes, sending press releases has been the best decision we have made, the best money spent. So big thumbs up, highly recommending MarketersMEDIA Newswire to anyone that wants to rank in local. It has to be MarketersMEDIA, they know this thing inside out.”

MarketersMEDIA Newswire’s Unique Brand Contribution to Andy’s Success:
  1. Premium distribution to APNews, MarketWatch, Vertical News Network, and more.
  2. One of the largest distribution list in the market with 500+ media outlets
  3. Press release published on branded US sites such as CW, FOX, CBS, ABC, and more.
  4. Google map inclusion and voice search optimized
  5. NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency
  6. Press release submitted processed in 24 hours
  7. Email and editorial support in 12 hours

Bonus Material: 67 Press Release Use Case Playbook

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