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7. 5 Tips for Writing Your Press Release Headlines With 25 Examples

The Press Release Headline is probably the most critical component of a press release because it’s the first thing that caught viewers’ eyes. Readers will decide from the information entailed in your headline whether to continue reading. As such, you must capture your viewers’ interests in your press release headline because if you don’t, it is as if your press release was never published.


Here are 5 tips + 1 golden rule for writing the headline that would have people irresistibly check your press release article.

Tip #1: Report It Like a News Headline

The headline should have a maximum of 18 words. Your headline should contain a subject, an active verb and clearly states your news announcement. It should also clearly convey the recency of the news.

Fig 4Figure 4: An example of a headline press release that reads like news.

Tip #2: Make It Easy to Read

Remember this: People read through hundreds of press release headlines a week and have adapted their senses to filter out what they do or don’t want to read. Understand that these people are skimming through and looking for something exciting yet easy to read. Use simple, straightforward words that can send the message across clearly and concisely.

Tip #3: Eliminate All Promotional Hype

A press release is not a sales letter. If you write a headline like, “Buy your new laptop now at this new bargain market,” it’ll be immediately filtered as trash by editors. But if you write, “Survey shows most toddlers are allergic to these five common foods,” then people aren’t as quick to judge how ludicrous it sounds. Keep your headline newsworthy.

Tip #4: Use "Lists" But Not Too Many

You can use bullet points in your press release, but only a maximum of 5 points are allowed. A press release will look like a blog article having too many bullet points. “5 Tips For Writing Your Awesome Press Release Headline” would have attracted you more than “How To Write A Press Release Headline,” wouldn’t it? Numbers show clarity and structure in your content as it gives readers clues about what kind of information to expect, as well as how much information they’ll be reading for, say, their 10-minute coffee break.

Tip #5: Include Your Target keywords

Yes, this is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and your press release will be distributed site-wide, so it’s not something you should ever neglect. As long as you have your main keyword in the headline, it will be easier to find you on Google.


Still unsure of what your headline should look like? Feast your eyes on these 25 examples in different categories.


  • Frankline Park PA Credit Repair Firm – Account Management Services Launched
  • PPP Business Recovery Center Assists Imperial County Small Business Re-Establish
  • Another Fleet Fuel & Maintenence Management Solution Awarded to Coencorp
  • Foxterra.co Owners, Nate Fox and Justin Fox, Announce New Partnership for Outdoor Furnntirue Products with Ledge Lounger
  • Silverlake Area Rug Cleaning Carpet Cleaning – Floor Care Professional Services


  • AXISPO Introduce Their Cryptocurrency Insurance And Security Service
  • Supercharge DeFi Investing with DAOventures on Polygon
  • Innovative DeFi Ecosystem is disrupting the industry with NFT-enchanced Yield Farming
  • NSAV’s “Unparalleled” Cryptocurrency Services Sets It Up To Become One Of The Leading Platforms In The Industry
  • Introducing Open Alexa Binpro, World’s First Binary on a Smart Contract, On A Decentralized System

Market Research

  • Wooden Furniture Market is set to register 5.7% CAGR through 2026; Global Market Insights Inc.
  • Industrial Air Compressor Market is set to register 5.7% CAGR through 2027; Global Market Insights Inc.
  • Aggregates Market Size, Growth, Scope, Structure, Opportunity and Forecast 2021-2026
  • Blister Packaging Market 2021 Global Industry Analysis and Growth Outlook 2027
  • Compacted Graphite Iron Market Growth, Competitive Analysis, Future Prospects and Forecast 2026


  • Amazon Private Label Podcast Lunch With Norm Announces Heavy-Hitting Guest Lineup for Week of August 9
  • Media Coaching – Public Speaking/On-Camera Interview Confidence Book Launched
  • Baby Hooded Towels – Soft Bamboo Cotton Block-Printed Bath/Beach Range Launched
  • Announcing: Learning to Live Your Love Language, a couple retreat at Camp Allen
  • Boss Marino Releases His Latest Project, “The 5th Dimension”, a Hip Hop Game Changer


  • SaaS LIMS Software assists laboratories with their data and workflows
  • Vaco Pittsburgh Helps Companies Hire Top IT Talent Through Strategic Staffing
  • BOC Sciences Offers Pseudouridine and Its Derivatives for RNA Improvement
  • Boosting Business Communication: How Oggvo Connect is Helping Businesses Connect with Their Clients
  • TNSC release more information about their IT services for businesses

Head over to our newsroom if you would like to find out more headlines for a specific category.

Now you have constructed a headline with your press release, let’s proceed to the do’s and don’ts of writing a press release!

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