Tutorials / Tutorial Article 8 – 28 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Press Release

8. 28 Dos and Don'ts of Writing a Press Release

A simple dos and don’ts checklist to go through before publishing a press release with MarketersMEDIA Newswire. You can download this template for reference before writing, when you’re writing, and after you’ve written your press release.
Note: This is not the same as Editorial Guidelines.


Follow our press release template.
Write an appealing headline representing the main news of your press release.
Have a summary that describes the main gist of your news.
Write a factual, relevant, newsworthy, exciting story.
Find a good angle, differentiate yourself from the others.
Try and leave readers wanting to find out more.
Have a maximum of 3-5 links in your press release, one of which links to your main site.
Cite and credit sources.
Include mandatory contact detail: Organisation
mandatory contact detail: Website link/URL
Include mandatory contact detail: Name/Person in Charge
Include mandatory contact detail: Email Address
Optional to include contact detail: Contact number
Optional to include contact detail: Address
Double-check press release before submission


Don’t capitalize every single letter in your headline.
Don’t include company history.
Don’t continuously submit the same or slightly modified press release.
Don’t send out multiple press releases at the same time.
Don’t put in the unavailable contact names of people.
Don’t send out a release without it being reviewed and approved by appropriate staff.
Don’t send out a release about something unimportant.
Don’t send out an outdated news release.
Don’t use hyped-up promotional language with too many adjectives.
Don’t repeat information.
Don’t ask questions; you’re supposed to give answers.
Don’t violate the press release template.

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